The “EPS Validator” is an essential utility to proof digital barcode files produced by our website ( or our barcode engine PrecisionCode™. Since barcode verification is impossible unless a barcode symbol is actually printed, this proofing mechanism allows printers and graphic designers the ability to confirm that the appropriate barcode is being utilized.

This complimentary resource will instantly display:

For GS1 Databar Coupon barcodes, the “EPS Validator” will also provide a breakdown of the complex coupon data string. Since this type of barcode contains an extraordinary amount of data and does not display all the encoded characters in human readable form, the “EPS Validator’s” expanded functionality is a necessary proofing tool.

To evaluate a digital barcode file, click on the browser button below. Locate and select the desired .eps barcode file saved on your computer/network. The “EPS Validator” will automatically display the detailed information.